How can I make my students practise? How can I convince them that the more they practice certain grammar structures the better they become at those structures?

Practising is definitely something most students see as tiring, as simply too much after a whole day’s work – when all the homework, every single task that is compulsory is ready, they are reluctant to do extra. What’s the benefit?

I thought there could be some benefit… What if my students collect points when practising? They are ready with one task that has, lets say, 10 sentences and if all the 10 sentences are correct they get 10 points. If less, then less points. When they have done 50-point-worth of practice they get mark 5!

There are some other types of tasks besides simple grammar exercises. They can write essays, read books, or give a little lecture on some culture topic, the class then does a quiz on the lecture – all that for points!

I posted the tasks in my digital classroom in a box called ‘Challenge Project’ found on the right hand side of the main page. The students can check their points in the result table and choose from tasks that I post there.

When we started all that, it was disappointing for me. For days nothing happened. Then the first tasks were provided, and when the students realised that some of them were getting extra good marks, more and more of them started to… practise! And today I was happy to listen to the first Culture lecture, and students were happy to do the quiz on it, they received their points so it has been a happy day for all of us!