Aims:   to improve students’ speaking skills

to improve students’ listening skills

Objectives: By the end of the lesson students will have

  • understood a text based on a short video
  • discussed about Monowi
  • answered questions connected to the video

Group: 10-graders

Unit in book: Solutions Pre-Intermediate 3E

Observer: Ms Gabriella Somlyai

Material Activity Interaction Timing
none Warm-up: 20 questionsStudents guess the word ’library’ by playing 20 questions Teacher – students 5’
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHyACnGdzUo Presentation: Monowi

split viewing – half of the group goes out of the classroom. The ones staying listen to the first minute of the video (screen off), take notes, go out have time to discuss what they have heardThe other half of the group comes in, watches the vido (sound off), take notes, discuss quickly what they have seenAll of them in the classroom. Students in pairs – one „eye” and one „ear” – put the first minute together, complete what they have learnt about Monowi with the help of their pair from the other group.

Watch the 1st minute with sound

What was left out?


Group workGroup workPair work 15’
Questions on slips Practice: ListeningStudents watch an listen to the rest of the video and answer comprehension questionsChecking in plenary individual 5’
Coursebook(Solutions Pre-Intermediate) pp. 28-29 Consolidation: ReadingStudents read about Monowi, match paragraphs with the correct topicSs match highlighted words to definitionsSs answer true/false statements  individualindividualpair work 15’
none Wrap-up: speakingStudents have to say one sentence they remember about Monowi (books closed)  5’

Self-reflection on the basis of the feedback session: more speaking could have been done at the beginning when students were doing 20 questions. More vocabulary from the text might have been presented, by giving them to the students on cards, and students playing 20 questions in pairs. Words on board, and some guessing on the topic is thus possible