I have done the following activity several times and students really enjoy it!

I. Before this lesson:

The lesson is connected to Unit 7B in Solutions Pre-Intermediate. It is basically a follow-up lesson to the above grammar point, so when students have already understood the basic concept and practised the use of those modals.

It was their homework to collect some customs in Hungary that might be strange to foreigners. Of course the target language was must, mustn’t and needn’t.

II. During the lesson:

As the warmer for the lesson the students discussed the Hungarian customs they had collected as homework.

Then they looked at the last post in their digital classroom. Using the links (this, this, this and this) in that post or any other website of their own choice they had to find some strange or unusual customs from different countries.

I really love using where you can easily build a ‘wall’ which is like a notice poard and you can stick your virtual post-it notes onto it with a simple double click of your mouse. So when students’ task was to go to their walll and on the virtual post-it notes collect the most interesting customs. This is what they produced. When they were ready we were all sitting around the board where I projected everything they had written on the wall and they had to make sentences with must, mustn’t and needn’t. It was real fun especially when tehy were comparing the customs of other countries with that of Hungary.

III. After the lesson:

As a follow-up (and homework) they had to write down the sentences – thus everybody had to produce lots of sentences with the target structure.