This is the end of the school year, so it could be useful to do some revision in a fun and easy way.

1. Make a list of the situations that you were discussing and practising during the English lessons. E.g. ‘Ordering food in a restaurant’, or ‘Buying a cinema ticket’, or Arrival at the airport’, etc. Put the list on the board.

2. Students choose one or more situations.

3. Send students to Dvolver movie maker 

4. Tell students to create their own movie: select background and sky, select a plot and select characters.

5. Ask students to write the lines of their characters. These lines should be based on what they have learnt during the year. They write the whole situation, and dialogue according to the situation they have chosen (point 2)

6. Students may select background music as well if they feel like doing so.

7. They can add a new scene or finish movie with that one scene. If they are hooked on movie making they can produce lovely long movies with several scenes.

8. Ask them to give a title to their movies and send the link to you.

9. Watch the best movies together and enjoy the last English lessons!