I was wondering how I could bring the topic of ‘Art’ and ‘Culture’ closer to my students. I strongly believe that teenagers know what the best for them is – so having studied the topic and the vocabulary this is what the task was:


1. Look around and find out what’s on in Budapest these days.

2. Prepare a poster about the cultural events that you find the most interesting.


For this we used a website (glogster.com) where you can prepare on-line posters – one of them being this –  but cardboard posters are just as good.


3. Share your poster with your classmates.


Since our posters were all on-line we shared them in our digital classroom. However, I think paper posters blu-tacked on the classroom walls can also be a lovely idea.


4. Choose one cultural event that you find interesting and visit it.


I was strict here. As I have been blogging with my students I have read lots of film reviews. So here the cultural event had to be an exhibition or a festival or perhaps a theatre performance.


5. Present your experience to your classmates.


These presentations were the highlights of the week! Some of them were in the form of simple photos, some of them were slide shows or short videos and there were some without any visual aid: only the presentation. What the most important thing was: the students could find interesting cultural events, a wide variety, really! They presented them with nice vocabulary and fluency. I was so proud of them!