There are great teaching materials on the history of England on-line, so you really don’t have to reinvent the wheel to run a history lesson in English. The big question is how to adapt the materials to my students’ language level.

This was the first one in a series and I’d like to express special thanks to (Zdenek Rotrekl) and where I could find most of the materials and what’s even more important inspiring teaching resources!


Lead-in: As we had done a lesson on the history of the English language, the students quickly recollected the nations and people that contributed to the formation of English, which was a great introduction to the main topic: The Battle of Hastings and William the Conqueror.


1. I presented the vocabulary with a selection of cards. The sutdents were in groups of “Kingship, Fight and Other Words. All the cards were scattered along the desks and the students had to select the ones that belonged to their group. They had to explain the reason for their choices so new vocabulary was immediately explained.

2. To make sure everything is clear the students had to select the synonyms for their vocabulary set.

3. The groups were now given the most important events of the year 1066 on cards. The task was to put them in the correct order. From time to time a little help was provided with a simple animation of the events.

4. The students then listened to a short text on the Battle of Hastings. To make it easier for them the tapescript can also be watched on the video.

5. I asked some comprehension questions and then different games followed, the best being the On Target game.

6. A light-hearted follow-up can be a song about the English kings and queens.