board game 07

Verb patterns at upper-intermediate level – well, that is even more challenging than teaching it at lower levels. I posted some days ago a pre-intermediate task or rather a cooperative drill that proved to be useful and interesting for my students. Now I would like to describe a board game that made the students in my class experience such a flow that they were surprised and sorry when the lesson ended.

There had already been a lesson presenting the different verb pattern structures (verb + –ing form, verb + infinitive, verb + object + infinitive, verb + object + base form, verb + object + past participle) and some practice tasks. We also did some drilling following the example of the activity that I described in my previous post on verb patterns.


To prepare the board game I used the cards from the drilling task. It means that the verbs that are followed by the different structures were printed on different coloured paper cards and cut out. The students were in 4 groups, each group received one set of cards, dice and counters. The board was the students’ desk. They had to shuffle the coloured cards and place them face down in a way that they form the squares of a board game from ’start’ to ’finish’.
The game
The students then rolled the dice, moved the counters according to the number and turned up the card they landed on. The task was to give a grammatically correct sentence with the verb on the card turned up. If somebody landed on a card that had already been turned up, that card had to be placed at the end, i.e. before the ’finish’ – thus it became the last ’square’ of the board. The card then was replaced by one new verb card that each group received in a separate pack.
Although playing the game like that was a kind of „never ending story, the students enjoyed it a lot! And in fact it was only a „make a sentence with the different verbs” type of task, still, as a board game it was motivating and fun!