This activity is based on a song. Faith Hill: You Will Be Mine. It is packed with the Future Perfect tense!

Following the presentation and some practce of the Future Perfect tense, it is a nice, light-hearted activity, bringing some change into the lesson.

The students are in groups and are given the first 12 lines of the song on slips. Their task is to guess the right order of the lines. When they are ready, the groups can compare their solutions and finally listen to the first 3 verses of the song to check their answers.

The next 4 verses are presented as a gap-fill exercise, so the students listen to that part of the song and fill in the gaps. Vocabulary is discussed at the same time referring to the grammar of future time clasues in line 4 of the 4th and 8th verses.

At the end students can listen to the rest of the song which is the repetition of the previous verses with a verb in the Future Perfect in almost every line.

Click here for the complete lyyrics, the slips to be put in the correct order and the gap-fill exercise.