I seem to be quite into songs these days, so when it came to the topic of food with my students I gave them the following song by Lary Groce. A classic oldie but brings lots of fun to the classroom – or is it only me who is not really keen on teaching the ‘food topic’?

1. Students get the first verse on slips of words and expressions and they have to put them into the correct order.

They listen to check.

2. They get 2 more verses where some expressions are underlined. The students have to figure out from the context what the underlined words mean. Thus with some discussion hte main “message” of hte song is revealed.

They listen and

3. … also listen to the next verses for a classical gap-fill task.

Finally they can listen to the complete song. The last verses can also be discussed here but hte main aim is to have fun!

Click here for the full lyrics, the tasks and key.