Well, with a different group. It is not a new idea, I did some blogging with my students a long time ago in 2013-2014, but now as another group needs some motivation (and practice) in writing, I thought “why not try it again?”

So here it is: this time groups of three students, one of them posts once a week, the other  two comments on hte blog post and they take turns. The new thing here was that after some weeks we did an evaluation session, when the students could vote (with the help of an on-line questionnaire) on the best blog and on the best post.

There were two posts that were voted number 1: one of them was entitled ‘Feminism’ the other one Focus on children about UNICEF.

The most popular blogs at the moment are

Across the Moon


Teen Thoughts

I hope there will be a competition to win ‘The Best Blog of the Year’ title and ‘The Best Post of the Year’ title as well!